As the name suggests, this board is magic. The Wizard's game-changing design creates a radically different feel, providing riders with effortless speed and maneuverability in the wave.   Extremely light, yet durable, this board has tons of push, enabling riders to explore places in the wave normally inaccessible to other boards of the same size.  The Wizard's explosive performance  will help deepen your bag of tricks and boost your air game.  The Wizard is designed to be ridden shorter than what you have ridden in the past as there is more built-in volume. 

4'0" WIZARD 

(For Riders up to Approx. 120 lbs.*)

EPS/epoxy fiberglass construction (resin tint/swirl).  Cut-lapped.  $849.00


4'4" WIZARD 

(For Riders from Approx. 115-185 lbs.*)

EPS/epoxy fiberglass construction (resin tint/swirl).  Cut-lapped.  $869.00


4'6" WIZARD 

(for riders from approx. 165-205 lbs.*)

EPS/epoxy fiberglass construction (resin tint/swirl).  Cut-lapped. $889.00


Custom options such as our proprietary Innegra-blend fabric, carbon strips, vector net, fabric inlay, graphics, etc. are available.    Call for quote.  

All TukTuk boards are proudly made in the USA.  Agenda traction and Futures fins included (both made in the USA).  All additional major components are procured from American factories including the fiberglass and resin.

* Weight recommendations are made assuming an average-ability rider and wake.  Call for  a complimentary consultation if you are unsure which board is suitable for your size, expertise level, or riding conditions.