A custom Blue Genie resin swirl pattern is paired with one of our most popular and proven board designs, ceating a one-of-a-kind board that is extremely light-weight, durable, and high-performance.


4'8" with resin swirl (top and bottom).

Agenda traction (U.S.) and set of Futures Fins (U.S.) included.


From design to completion, all TukTuk boards are crafted in house at our factory in Austin, TX, USA.

4'8" CUSTOM (Last Year's Model)

  • -The best place for your epoxy board is in the water and being ridden by you!  If you have to stop riding your board for any reason (inadvisable), please remember to keep it cool.  Natural enemies of epoxy boards are hot cars, direct sunlight, and Saharan summers.  If epoxy boards become too hot, delamination can occur.  Preferably, boards should be stored indoors, or in a breathable board bag or sock, out of direct sunlight.


    -As surfers know, sooner or later, dings and damage occur from use.  It is an integral part of surfing life.  Although we make some of the most durable boards in the business, we know surfers are often tough on their boards.  While dings and damage from use aren't covered under warranty, please feel free to call us for advice on repair.