bottle rocket

This board is small, but packs a punch.  We have thoughtfully designed the most innovative, pint-sized board in the industry for kids.  Learning to surf can be a challenge using adult-sized boards.   This board was purpose-built for the groms in your life.  The specially-designed rails and tail make popping up a breeze.  Our rounder tail also provides  easier control in the wave.  Suitable for kids and small-framed adults.  



(For Riders up to Approx. 100 lbs.*)

EPS/epoxy fiberglass construction (colored resin/swirl).  Cut-lapped.  $729.00

Custom options such as our proprietary Innegra-blend fabric, carbon strips, vector net, fabric inlay, graphics, etc. are available.    Call for quote.  

All TukTuk boards are proudly made in the USA.  Agenda traction and Futures fins included (both made in the USA).  All additional major components are procured from American factories including the fiberglass and resin.

* Weight recommendations are made assuming an average-ability rider and wake.  Call for  a complimentary consultation if you are unsure which board is suitable for your size, expertise level, or riding conditions.