Magic carpet

Stepping onto the Magic Carpet transports riders to an exotic, mellow surf break where the wave never ends.  Smooth, predictable cross-stepping and nose-ridding are a breeze on this longboard.  It's  single-fin cruising the way it should be.  The Magic Carpet is designed for all skill levels to provide a smooth surf experience behind the boat.   It feels like your riding a ten-footer, but the Magic Carpet stores  like a dream. Great for tandem rides as well. 


(For Riders from Approx. 120-250 lbs.*)

EPS/epoxy fiberglass construction (resin tint/swirl).  Cut-lapped.


EPS/epoxy fiberglass construction (resin tint/swirl + fabric inlay).  Cut-lapped.  

Add $100

Custom faux teak traction (EVA). 

Add $100  (Most customers choose to ride wax.; this is recommended for customers who prefer no wax on their boat)

Custom options such as graphics, etc. are available.    Call for quote.  

All TukTuk boards are proudly made in the USA.  Futures fin included (made in the USA).  All additional major components are procured from American factories including the fiberglass and resin.

* Weight recommendations are made assuming an average-ability rider and wake.  Call for  a complimentary consultation if you are unsure which board is suitable for your size, expertise level, or riding conditions.