The Care and Feeding of your TukTuk Board


TukTuk boards are all proudly made in the USA.  Our boards are constructed by American craftsmen and women from the highest quality USA-made raw materials available.  Our boards will not come from overseas--ever!  We at TukTuk strongly believe in our commitment to the American worker, providing support and business for other American manufacturing companies, and doing our part to create a cleaner and healthier planet.


Our choice to construct all TukTuk boards from epoxy is costlier from a manufacturing standpoint, but it was important for us as a company to build a much safer and cleaner board than traditional polyester/polyurethane construction (and epoxy boards ride better, too!).  All of our raw materials are sourced from the USA: our EPS foam, fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, Futures fins, and Agenda deck pads are created in the USA. 


The best place for your epoxy board is in the water and being ridden by you!  If you have to stop riding your board for any reason (inadvisable), please remember to keep it cool.  Epoxy construction, while superior in rideability and durability, can be affected by heat.  It is necessary to keep epoxy boards out of hot cars, direct sunlight, and Saharan summers.  If epoxy boards become too hot, delamination can occur.  Do not transport your board in a board bag in direct sunlight or store your board on the deck of your boat in direct sunlight as delamination may occur.  Preferably, boards should be stored indoors, or in a breathable board bag or sock, out of direct sunlight.  Improper storage is not covered under warranty. 

Do not place your board in your boat racks, as these racks were initially designed for wakeboards.  Over time, pressure dings could form on the bottom of the board from improper storage which could affect the board's integrity.


Always check to see that your fins are tightened before riding as they may become loose over time.  While not necessary, it is advisable to remove the fins after use.


As surfers know, sooner or later, dings and damage occur from use.  It is an integral part of surfing life.  Although we make some of the most durable boards in the industry, we know boards may become damaged or dinged from use.  If this happens, please feel free to call or email us ( for advice on repair. 

Most importantly, the best piece of advice we can give is...get out there, go surfing, and have fun!  We'll see you out on the water!